AoA shake their pixels in ‘Bingle Bangle’ comeback!

AoA shake their pixels in ‘Bingle Bangle’ comeback!

aoa-bingle-bangle-mv-teaser-2‘Bingle Bangle’ marks AoA’s first comeback since Main Vocal ChoA left the group last year, but how does this new song fair in comparison to their previous hits?

The song starts off with a playful instrumental, complimented by easy breezy percussion, a whistling hook and a groovy uptempo vibe before the low bass enters; providing a nice contrast against the high feminine vocals of the AoA girls.

As we reach the slowed down pre-chorus, the shift in tempo is perhaps my highlight from the whole song. It’s an atmospheric breakdown that strips the beat just enough to isolate the crisp vocals of Hyejong and Yuna but also appreciate the sparkling shift in the beat.

This all builds up to the chorus, that’s introduced by a pretty funny “ooo!” vocal snippet, which adds to the quirkiness of the track itself. The hook is simplistic and I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing.

“Bingle Bangle, bang bang” is catchy, as is the school-yard beat that plays behind it, but with a smooth chorus section and such a good build up, I wanted a little more out of it.

Jimin gets a smaller rap section than she normally would in an AoA track but as usual her distinctive voice demands the spotlight. Her flow threatens to contradict the overall tone of the song but somehow it works and the use of a lowered bass and an ascending tempo gives it more excitement.

The music video features the adorable member Mina as she’s playing a retro 8-bit video game starring the other members of AoA. As she plays however, she becomes transported into the colourful world of ‘Bingle Bangle’ Jumanji style.

It’s a fun MV with some very impressive visuals and special effects that will have you smiling from ear to ear at how cute all of the members are.

Overall, despite some flaws, it ultimately encompasses everything you’d expect in a Summer release – a light and fun aegyo track, which perhaps feels very similar to Twice’s concepts rather than AoA.

But I do feel it’s a smart move for the group to change concepts considering Choa’s permanent absence, giving them a fresh start and a new sound to surprise loyal fans and attract newer ones.



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