Underrated Bop of the Week: BADKIZ – Just One Day & Monika’s new ballad

Underrated Bop of the Week: BADKIZ – Just One Day & Monika’s new ballad

badkiz-just-one-day-01So, this will be a brand new segment where I dedicate a special post each week to a very good, underrated song that you all should be listening too! This week it’s … BADKIZ! the under appreciated bop machines who are back with a brand new concept.

Needless to say, this group wins the award for the most member changes with 11 … yes, ELEVEN, former members since their debut in 2014. While reasons for their departures are pretty vague .. some leaving due to sickness, some leaving due to wanting to pursue a solo career or other ventures, it’s safe to say no one sticks around for long.

Which is a damn shame, since their music has always been extremely catchy to me.

Just a month ago, the last and only original member, vocal superstar Monika, announced her departure and debuted her own solo track (which is pretty great .. link will be at the bottom of the page).

Anyway, BADKIZ debuted with cooky, eccentric concepts that could’ve given Crayon Pop a run for their money (see, Ear Attack and Baboomba), they moved onto a sexy concept (see: Hothae, Ear Attack 2 and Give it to Me), before adopting a more classier look with “Just One Day”.

This tropical-house influenced song debuts new members SolBi and Lohee, two visually stunning redheads who’s soft and strong vocals compliment the new track perfectly. While singing about a break-up, the husky voiced Somin provides a sultry tone and K.Me kills it when it comes to the two stand-out rap sections.

It’s a track that feels very ‘Summer’, with it’s whistling EDM sound, a beat focused breakdown and sparkling background synths. Not to mention the catchy repetition of “Na na na na na na” sung by Lohee.

Check out the music video below. They’re from Zoo Entertainment, a small company that despite providing low-budget MV’s for this group, still manages to infuse them with a lot of charm and charisma, and that’s just the case for ‘Just One Day’ – a choreography heavy video that provides a great look at all of the members in some interesting settings.

And as promised, here is the beautiful ballad named ‘Will it Get Better’ from former member Monika – who really does have some powerful under appreciated vocals.

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