Momoland kick off 2018 with a ‘Bboom Bboom’

Momoland kick off 2018 with a ‘Bboom Bboom’

momoland-bboom-bboom-nancy.jpgThe nine member girl group, spawned from the competition show “Finding Momoland” have gained only a little momentum since their debut in 2016, but could all that change with their new track?

The answer is a big fat YES. ‘Bboom Bboom’ is an energetic and extremely addictive comeback that sounds so familiar yet entirely fresh in it’s own right.

It starts off with a teasing pluck of guitar strings, almost Despacito-like in it’s approach before quickly diving right in with the thumping bass that becomes a fixture throughout the entire composition.

Each member gets their own lines and chance to shine by the end of the first chorus and what’s more interesting is that their approach to the song individually sounds very different, as if ‘Bboom Bboom’ is an amalgamation of several other songs.

The most unsuspecting part of the track comes with the surprising trap-breakdown featuring rappers Daisy and JooE – it’s an unsuspecting twist from the usual cutesy girl group that pays off and becomes the most memorable part of it all.

With the trap interlude over, the rest of the song steadily flows without any other major disruption, even  when it comes to the bridge which is a very clever decision to make. It makes it all the more catchy with the steady flow and understated vocals of the chorus.

The music video perfectly suits the fun and quirky song Momoland gives us, as we see the girls promoting various products on a shopping channel, for example: JooE rightfully promoting an energy drink, Nancy transforming herself from a beautiful geek into an equally beautiful glamour girl with a make-up compact and perhaps one of my highlights, Jane’s hilariously vacant expression while using a hola hoop.

Between these glimpses of the saleswomen in action, we cut back and forth to the energetic dancing of the main hook – that I’m sure will be a hot dance-trend in South Korea.

Overall, Momoland have set the bar high for 2018 as ‘Bboom Bboom’ is sure to put them on the map. With witty lyrics, an awesome rap breakdown and a heart pumping bass – this track is already going to be one of my favourites of the year.




Check out the music video here:

Check out my reaction video here:

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