HyunA (현아) flaunts her goodies in the controversial MV for ‘Lip & Hip’

HyunA (현아) flaunts her goodies in the controversial MV for ‘Lip & Hip’

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 22.33.57.pngIt may be winter but there’s one K-Pop artist who’s bringing the heat and it’s none other than the sexy and charismatic performer HyunA. While ‘Babe’ lacked her usual tongue-in-cheek appeal, she is making up for it with this killer track.

When you think of the most iconic idols in the industry, HyunA is certainly up there. She began as a Wonder Girl, transitioned into 4Minute and has burst onto the scene as one of South Korea’s leading solo artists with a career that has endured many controversies.

But it is these controversies and the fact she knows how to use them in a way that is tongue-in-cheek that makes HyunA so interesting just like ‘Lip & Hip’.

In what seems like a culmination of her solo hits, this song features elements of ‘Bubble Pop’ – with the repetitive popping sounds as well as an equally playful hook. ‘Roll Deep’ inspires the attitude of the hip-hop style verses while the soft vocals of ‘Babe’ play a similar focus during the pre-chorus.

It proves to be an incredibly infectious jam which is quite relentless as HyunA describes how fancy her Lips and Hips are with a beat that utilises so many different moving parts. For example, her underlying vocals actually become the backing beat (listen to the constant modulated use of the phrase “lips and hips” in the background) and the steady chord progression that builds and builds into a heavy club beat before the drop. Not to mention there’s some surprisingly strong singing on display.

The MV is perhaps her sexiest one yet. There are some elements of a storyline here, in which a young and naive HyunA – shy, reserved and sporting some retro braces – begins to discover her sexuality and feel comfortable in her skin. She tears of the metal cage in her mouth, tries on a new sexy selection of clothes and daydreams of some visually epic scenarios:

  • Dancing along in a line-up of pyjama wearing hunks.
  • Having a party in her bedroom which is located across the road from “ButtDonalds”
  • Wearing some trippy pattern-changing underwear (and lack of underwear)
  • And eating fries on the toilet…

It really is a shocking MV that will have your face aching from the grinning, laughing and shocked-faces you’ll be pulling during it.

Overall, ‘Lip & Hip’ is one of HyunA’s finest moments. While the lyrics are nothing revolutionary, the song maintains the fun factor with a simple yet unforgettable hook. This comeback isn’t one to be missed, from the catchy song to the impressive visual and not to mention the jaw-dropping live performances (I urge you to check out her incredible Melon Music Awards performance).


My MV reaction:

Official MV:

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