EXID turn up the temperature in “DDD” comeback track

EXID turn up the temperature in “DDD” comeback track

EXID-Hani-DDD-exid-EC-9D-B4-EC-97-91-EC-8A-A4-EC-95-84-EC-9D-B4-EB-94-94-40819713-500-281Jump up and shout “Ah yeah!” because one of South Korea’s top girl groups are back with a delicious track that is anything but “Dul”.

This marks their second comeback this year and sadly, without Leader and Main Vocalist Solji promoting  with them again (I wish you a flawless recovery Soul-G). But you’ll be glad to hear that her strong and distinct vocals are present in “Dul Dul Dul” which has been shortened to “DDD”, because why not?

The track heads straight into the addictive title hook that sounds like it belongs on some chic, high fashion runway – which seems to be a trend a la 9Muses – Love City and Taemin’s ‘Move’, the style of breathy, repetitive vocals in a stylish beat drop is something I can get behind.

With some flawless isolated singing during the verses and LE’s distinct rap voice in-between, ‘DDD’ becomes the sexiest song of the year so far and an ear-catching one at that. It has the EXID flare of course and the familiar structure they incorporate is definitely present but also manages to bring a fresh dynamic that is sure to heat up the upcoming winter.

However, once we reach the chorus is when the temperature drops. The intimate groove builds up to a completely polarised finish despite the powerful vocals from Hyerin and Solji. Which is a shame since the hook is so enticing that I felt as though the song would have benefited more if it simply played around with the drop instead of creating an entirely different song.

Despite this criticism, it’s a near-flawless and fun track that gets better and better upon each listen.

Now the music video….

If there’s one thing that you can count on EXID to deliver it’s visuals and wow, the ‘DDD’ video serves a lot of fierce looks. Featuring a pastel overlay of dark and muted colours, the MV feels compact and restrained and showcases our favourite ladies giving some intense stares to the camera … I see you, Hani! The notorious nerdy member sports a new pink-purple hair-do and a faux fur coat while Junghwa is giving us #hairgoals in some sort of alley-way. LE looks like a fierce fatale in a PVC outfit while Hyerin is heating up a greenhouse before they all come together to shake their behinds infant of a colour changing backdrop. It’s an aesthetically memorable MV that provides a refreshing darker change from their usual vibrant videography.

  • it’s also worth noting, sadly there is no Solji in the video. *cries*

Overall, ‘DDD’ will be yet another success for them and rightly so. ‘Netizens’ have been quick to compare the similarities between this and their other tracks such as ‘Up and Down’ and ‘Ah Yeah’ but I believe they have simply found a structural style that suits them and by all means, go with it, it’s a winning formula and trust me, you’ll have ‘Dul Dul Dul’ on repeat in your head.


Check out my reaction video:

Check out the MV below:


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