9MUSES (or Nine Muses) take us down to ‘Love City’ for their second summer comeback

9MUSES (or Nine Muses) take us down to ‘Love City’ for their second summer comeback

9muses-lovecitymvNot too long after they dazzled us with an unforgettable song, ‘Remember’, the four leggy ladies return with a track that sees them going back to the flirtatious and fun kind of music they’re known for.

‘Love City’ is part of the final ‘Muses Diary’ project and is definitely a stand-out song in their career. It starts off with a sultry bang as Sojin blesses our ears using her distinctly deep rapping voice; this time lowered even more to a mesmerising whisper as she spouts out random words that surprisingly becomes quite catchy as the song progresses.

The introductory beat as we get to the first verse sounds like it’s on the verge of being a dubstep banger but instead segues into a more traditional pop beat that blares over ghostly ooo’s and aaaah’s as we reach to the main hook.

What follows on is a heart-pounding edgy chorus that has surely taken inspiration from the rock genre but with a girl-crush twist, “Welcome to, Love City” says Kyungri and what a brilliant introduction it is.

The biggest twist in the song is the diversion into a ‘cutesy’ realm, with the girls squealing “Choo Choo Choo ba ba ba la la la stop it boy” played over an ascending tap of piano keys – and for some reason it makes a refreshing and unpredictable twist to the song.

Perhaps my favourite part is Sojin repeating her rap as it not only adds a chic Vogue-like style to the mix but also the grating, mashed up version of the backing track that accompanies it is a beat I wish was involved more.

There are certainly a lot of different mixes going on in the production which makes it a perpetually exciting song to listen to, especially for headphone users but while I applaud this, I also see how it can be a little too busy. From the many key changes to the over-modulated vocals at times (which poor Kyungri is mostly a victim to), the song can seem to lose its focus.

‘Remember’ was intense, dark and well, creeeeepy MV. But here the girls show more of their fun side. Aggressively fun that is. One minute we have the cute Keumjo dressed in plaid and the next she’s beating up a giant Teddy bear (the same one from the Remember video, which was a nice touch). Hyemi is sweet as sugar in her bedroom – when she’s not driving her high heels into a chocolate bar (those calories have been bad, very bad!). Sojin is sporty during the day but a credit card throwing seductress by night and the beautiful Kyungri also shows off her innocent and bad-ass charms.

Overall, ‘Love City’ takes us on an exciting tour with a lot to appreciate – Sojin’s raspy rapping being the main highlight and an edgy chorus that surely screams ‘Girl power!’. But with so many different layers of production and stylistic flares that isn’t quite as well thought out as ‘Remember’ was, either way it’s still a highly enjoyable song and another great hit from Nine Muses.



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