[Review] Red Velvet (레드벨벳) transform into a human fruit salad in MV for ‘Red Flavor’

[Review] Red Velvet (레드벨벳) transform into a human fruit salad in MV for ‘Red Flavor’

RED-VELVET-RED-FLAVOR-TEASER-IMAGE2The quirky quintet are back in the hopes to enthral our minds once again with another catchy bop as Rookie (or well, Lookie) managed to do early on in the year. But will ‘Red Flavor’ be a dish you’ll enjoy?

It’s a track that definitely has that signature style RV are known for. They manage to do an impressive job of releasing music which is cute but doesn’t fall into the stereotypes of a ‘cutesy’ concept – making every release extremely refreshing.

‘Red Flavor’ is just that, it walks that fine line of being a generic cutesy track and you think it will be at times but luckily it swerves into that quirky appeal we know and enjoy.

Sadly it doesn’t quite have the deliciously sour edge that ‘Ice Cream Cake’ or ‘Russian Roulette’ had nor does it contain the catchiness of ‘Rookie’ but nonetheless its a fine track that’s pleasing to the ears.

I just wish it would take more of a risk. The main highlights are when it does veer of course, like Irene and Yeri’s slick rap or Wendy’s flawless high vocals towards the end. But the repetitive beat after the chorus, of what sounds like a groaning noise becomes tiring.

S.M. really works hard to give RV music videos that are so visually beautiful, you just imagine the five girls living their everyday lives constantly surrounded by vibrant colour. Here they really live up to their name and the ‘food’ concept as we see them having intense conversations with giant fruit. Yeri with grapes, Joy with a kiwi, Seulgi with a pineapple, Wendy with an orange and Irene with a watermelon.

I perhaps do have such high expectations of Red Velvet, and with such huge popularity and dynamic songs, it’s hard to believe they only debuted almost three years ago. Red Flavor doesn’t have enough bite to grab my attention but as I said before, it’s a perfectly pleasing summer song that everyone can taste and enjoy; it just won’t be up there creatively with their other memorable hits.


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