Stellar (스텔라) initiates new member Soyoung in ‘Archangels of the Sephiroth’ MV

Stellar (스텔라) initiates new member Soyoung in ‘Archangels of the Sephiroth’ MV

stellar-stellar-in-to-the-world-3rd-mini-album-teaserThe past month has had some amazing releases, with girl groups especially slaying some epic comebacks. Now it’s Stellar’s turn, who take a trip to the dark side with their new track.

The intriguingly titled ‘Archangels of the Sephiroth’ already stands out amongst the flurry of cocktail-summer anthems already released in k-pop, but with a new member added to the group – that is vocalist Soyoung – the famously underrated group Stellar show a different side that no one expected.

‘Archangels’ dives right into it’s Arabian inspired sound from the first second, which already makes it feel like a breath of fresh air. The vocals are presented in a back-and-forth style manner, almost conversational as they each present a couple of lines of dialogue before coming together for a loud chanting during the chorus as they plead for a lover to “give me your love”.

Fans of Stellar and well K-Pop fans in general will feel uneasy at first since it feels vastly different to anything else right now but that ends up being to the groups’ benefit. The sound is so experimental that it just works. It’s a huge sound that’s juxtaposed with eerie vocals that blend together in the most hypnotic way possible.

My main criticism stems with the energy of the song, while powerful it did become it’s hindrance, it feels like it’s over way too quick and at only about 3 minutes long I felt like we could’ve had even 10-15 more seconds added to make the bridge more impactful or perhaps a change-up of the final chorus.

The MV as well fits perfectly with the dark concept of the track. Newbie Soyoung is “initiated” into the group as a neutral player in a battle between heaven and hell. We have Hyoeun and Minhee representing ‘Heaven/Light’ in beautiful well-lit settings while Gayoung and Jeonyul are are on the side of ‘Hell/Dark’, who turn up the eerie-levels to maximum. Despite the darkness of it all, we still get that signature Stellar sexiness with the key point of dance: provocative hip swaying – would we expect anything less? Never.

Overall, Stellar have presented something entirely experimental which may not hit most k-pop fans initially but it’s a sound that’s so different and gets better after each listen.












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