Nine Muses (나인뮤지스) will always ‘Remember’ (기억해) in this twisted new song

Nine Muses (나인뮤지스) will always ‘Remember’ (기억해) in this twisted new song

19228097_139690029935099_1719693897317220352_nThey probably should rename themselves as 4Muses since that’s all we’re left with now but nonetheless 9Muses are bringing sexy back in a darkly delicious MV and comeback for their new album ‘Identity’.

Produced by Nuplay, ‘Remember’ starts off sounding like a dark ballad, the soulful expression within the highlighted vocals sends chills down your spine not to mention the flawless high notes as we suspensefully build up to a radical chorus.

That’s when the EDM flare kicks into high gear.

While sticking with the eerie tone, the built up chord progressions alongside a heavy hitting bass accompanies the power vocals perfectly into what I think is one of the most finely produced tracks I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a catchy chorus that gives such a surprise from the slow start of the song.

It’s not the only surprise, as the second verse seemlessly drops the entire beat altogether for a broken down spoken-rap interlude, featuring the sexy voice of Sojin. It’s a segment of the track that feels uneasy at first, especially with a rock guitar playing in the background but it ultimately pays off; adding more drama, more sexiness and heaps of creativity to an already refreshing track.

As we near the end of the song, all elements of what makes it so special come together for a heightened final payoff. The ending chorus adds heavier bass to coincide with stellar ad-libs from Keumjo and Hyemi, while Kyungri takes the lead in the main hook and Sojin repeats her spoken-rap – it’s an interesting way to liven up the finale and again, why I believe it’s so well produced.

The MV for ‘Remember’ is as sexy as you would expect from Nine Muses, a group that has always been comprised of pure visuals and they do not disappoint in that department. The horror concept suits the song perfectly, while we get some disturbing images of Kyungri shooting a photographer and dragging his bloodied corpse in a bag, pr eyes are also blessed by fabulous scenes of Sojin swimming and all four of our muses in the bath.

Overall, Nine Muses and producer Nuplay have truly created something here. It’s darkly delicious and excitingly fresh which is reminiscent both in the concept of the MV and musically to Sistar’s incredible ‘One More Day’ released last year. ‘Remember’ is just purely unforgettable.


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