NCT 127 make an explosive return with “Cherry Bomb”

NCT 127 make an explosive return with “Cherry Bomb”

394814_original.jpgThe most successful NCT sub-unit, NCT 127 has made a summer return with the experimental dance hit “Cherry Bomb” following on from their insanely brilliant “Limitless”.

We’re three tracks into the rookie groups career and it seems like they have already established a signature sound and that is a splice of genres such as rock, EDM and r ‘n’ b. It’s a blended mash-up of so many styles which suits the different personalities of the members.

The confident start to the track features the repetition of “I’m the biggest hit on this stage” while the grinding of the bass slowly comes into focus and that’s when things get exciting. Mark takes the first rap solo, with his distinct aggressive style matching up so well to to the hardcore beat of the hook. This is followed by Tayeong and the two continue to be the stars of the show.

After the rap-line has concluded, the intense r ‘n’ b vocal stylings of Doyoung and Taeil introduce a welcome breather, with the breakdown becoming my personal highlight of the entire track. However, this gets tiring by the third interlude which doesn’t quite mesh alongside the repetitive rollercoaster of sound changes we have by the end of the song; which is perfect for on-stage dance solos but not for listeners.

An eye-catching MV for ‘Cherry Bomb’ is heavy on performance and features an impressive display of choreography that only emphasises what a well-rounded group of singers, rappers and dancers NCT has, where they all shine equally in terms of visuals. This is aided by the fun cartoon graphics to fit with the tongue in cheek lyrics.

Overall, NCT 127 has once again delivered an on-brand bop with another experimental sounding track. It’s heavy on bass, rap and slick vocals which sustain interest for long enough until the overuse of all of these make the track just a little bit less charming by the end.




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