T-ara asks “What’s my name?” in their goodbye track.

T-ara asks “What’s my name?” in their goodbye track.

DB2dp0IVYAMicjdAnother veteran girl group bites the dust and this time it’s Queens of the dancefloor, T-ara who have had a divisive career of highs, lows and controversy but what’s always been consistent is their catchy music. So how does this final comeback fair?

While the dust of Sistar’s heartbreaking final stage has barely settled, T-ara will also take to the stage to give a final swan song of performances to the end of their career as a group and while contractual issues (and drama) meant that original members Soyeon and Boram couldn’t take part in this promotion, the girls continue as a quartet.

So let’s get straight to the point, “What’s my name?” starts off slow and predictable, almost uneven as the backing bass doesn’t quite fit with the somber tone that the lyrics and vocals are trying to suggest and what doesn’t help is that it feels like a long, long time until we get to the main hook.

However, this is when it all changes. The song is imbued with excitement and a tropical EDM flavour that feels a lot like Stellar’s ‘Crying’ or something from SM Station but with the soft T-ara vocals we know and love.

Once the first chorus is over and done with, ending on the “You don’t know my name what’s my name?” line, the song makes a fresh start. More joyful and energetic. The vocals feel higher, the melodies and harmonies whispfully continue and it becomes a true summer smash.

The MV doesn’t hit quite as hard compared to their back catalogue. I mean it’s a nice tribute to end their career on, with the multiple reference about 6 becoming 4 in an almost “passing the baton” kind of way but maybe my exceptions are super high after witnessing 2NE1 and Sistar’s final videos and the effort put into them.

Overall, “What’s my name?” is the perfect summer song you hope to have on your playlist by the time June comes around. The slow start becomes something special and instead of just being a sad affair, T-ara delivers a final song fans can smile and dance along to.



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