[Review] Hyoyeon proves she’s no ‘Wannabe’ with solo comeback

[Review] Hyoyeon proves she’s no ‘Wannabe’ with solo comeback

DAuAqhGXkAAD8aZK-Pop’s resident Dancing Queen rocked the world with her solo debut last year as well as her explosive collaboration with JYP, Min and Jo Kwon. Now SNSD’s raspy-voice idol once again packs a punch.

It’s great to see the Girls Generation gang becoming successful solo artists between their long hiatus’ and Hyoyeon has perhaps been the most anticipated member that fans have been dying to see go solo. From her distinct singing and rap style to her impressive moves on stage, she really is flying high with her music.

‘Wannabe’ begins with a vocal male-riff blaring in the background while Hyoyeon cleanly raps in a style not too similar from Nicki Minaj, with each word emphasized for full bad-ass effect; speeding up and slowing down as we get nearer to the chorus. Then this is where things truly get interesting.

The main hook shifts dramatically to an almost folky, swing sort of sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tarantino soundtrack. The sudden contrast is shocking at first listen, but by the time the chorus plays out the song at the end, it’s easy to appreciate the distinct drum beat and repetitive “ooos” that are toe tappingly fun.

My only complaint is that the hardcore verse and the country chorus are just too juxtaposed. The style and presentation would be perfect for their own song but together it sounds messy because there really is no connecting factor between the two. In-fact, if the whole song centered around that  exciting main hook then we could have had an incredibly fresh K-Pop hit on our hands.

Overall, Hyoyeon proves she’s the real deal and really up to her strengths with this track, it highlights her vocals and rap skills perfectly, not to mention the pure mesmerising energy of her dancing in the MV.


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