WASSUP make a retro comeback on your ‘Color TV’

WASSUP make a retro comeback on your ‘Color TV’

a7be6a65720This little known hip-hop girl group has faced some legal disputes that resulted in three of the members leaving, However, they’re finally ready for a rebooted comeback with the 90’s inspired ‘Color TV’ that will certainly make a splash.

It’s hard to imagine that this group initially debuted with a ‘twerking’ concept back in 2013 and flew pretty much under the radar ever since, but this year is (hopefully) their time to shine since ‘Color TV’ is the throwback hip-hop song we’ve been waiting for.

Groups such as: Wonder Girls, Dal Shabet, T-ara and SHINee have all made a name for themselves for successfully pulling off the retro concept, taking the sound of style of an era and incorporating it into the K-Pop scene.

‘Color TV’ sounds like it’s plucked straight from the late 80’s/ early 90’s, as if Salt n’ Pepa and TLC are back, insane dance routines included.

With an array of synth snares, a groovy backing beat and rapping that’s slick as hell, the track really grips your attention from the very first second and will surely manage to make even millennials feel nostalgic.

The MV captures the fun and out-there feel of the song, with the gorgeous quartet having a wild time at a house party – that is probably decorated like your grandmothers house – accompanied by there younger selves ( I think?) and even a police officer. all of this glazed over with a grainy filter for that VHS feel. The highlight however, is the amazing dance break, featuring some classic moves such as the Shuffle and Running Man.

Overall this is a total bop, a real gem of a song that will perhaps be one of the most memorable of the year. Granted, it’s not for everyone, it strays beyond the dance EDM trend and the cutesy girl group stuff but it is one that I feel will become a cult hit and gets better with each listen.


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