Dal Shabet’s Subin returns with’Circle’s Dream’ and ‘Strawberry’ in latest comeback.

Dal Shabet’s Subin returns with’Circle’s Dream’ and ‘Strawberry’ in latest comeback.

C5SIUBmWMAADoBM.jpgThe maknae (fun fact: the tallest girl in K-Pop) of the severely underrated group Dal Shabet returns with two solo tracks that will have you begging for more from this talented singer-songwriter.

Amongst the bombastic hype of Twice and BTS comebacks, Subin emerges with a subtle yet refreshing pair of subtle songs that form quite the contrast to anything released in the Korean music industry right now.

‘Circle’s Dreams’  is a relaxed and simplistic track in which she sings her frustrations about always being a sweet and nice girl, which often results in her getting hurt; she wishes she wasn’t “round” like a circle anymore and instead had more of an “edge” like a triangle so that she could hurt her ex-lover.

The production is impeccably well done, with sleek vocal layering and a perfect use of reverb blended into the backing beat to really emphasise what a wonderful vocalist Subin is.

An incredibly simple chorus of “dum da da dee dee dum” repeated over and over truly hits the mark tonally, and it’s really all that’s needed to make a memorable impact alongside the gentle tug of the guitar strings in the background.

Then comes the ballad of “Strawberry”, where Subin also uses another metaphor to get her point across. Here, she compares love to a ripe strawberry, the “unepexted pleasure” of the sweet taste that can turn sour and acidic over time.

It’s a beautiful airy ballad that showcases her raw vocal talents beside a melodic backdrop that feels like something from the closing scene of a powerful drama.

As the song builds and builds beyond the first chorus, as does the pace and rhythm of the masterful strokes of the piano keys and pitch of the vocals to deliver something special, atmospheric and most importantly, powerful.

Overall, this quiet release deserves your attention and as much appreciation as it can get, from the flawless mix of great vocals, a simple yet untouchable musical production and the thought provoking songwriting talents that Subin has shown..




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