CLC transform from cute to Hobgoblins [Review]

CLC transform from cute to Hobgoblins [Review]

CLCHobgoblinSorn.pngOne of the cute girl groups from Cube Entertainment, CrystaL Clear, have returned since their ever-so-catchy No Oh Oh. But this time, with a little creative and stylised help from HyunA, the girls are ready to kick some ass with a familiar concept.

That’s right, the former 4 Minute member has joined forces with her label’s younger group and acted as a mentor for this comeback and her stamp is definitely seen (and heard).

‘Hobgoblin’ feels like a sequel to the 4 Minute tracks ‘Crazy’ and ‘Hate’ in the best way possible. The dark EDM song follows the same structure as the aforementioned hits, from the punchy introductory rap and vocals to the Main Vocal singing a slowed down bridge which builds up to a chorus in which the main and lead rappers take center stage.

It’s a risky concept for a group known for its youth and innocence to take but it definitely feels like one they’re instantly comfortable with if the MV is anything to go by. The edgy style especially suits members Yeeun and Seungyeon, who are magnetic in terms of their energy and vocal styles while Elkie and Sorn go above and beyond with their visuals.

The video focuses on the dance and features a lot of mesh, dark lipstick and gorgeous visuals of each of the members. Oh and baseball bats, which is surely a throwback to 2NE1’s similar concept with ‘I Am the Best’.

Beyond the shock factor for CLC fans and the 4 Minute/2NE1-ness of it all, the song is very good and it’s a concept that has been sorely missed since those iconic group have disbanded.

Overall, a catchy song and great direction from HyunA means a winning formula , However, while no marks for originality, I can see this being one of my favourite comebacks by the end of 2017.


Welcome to the new CLC and I so hope they stick to this style.



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