[Review] KARD plays another winning hand with ‘Don’t Recall’

[Review] KARD plays another winning hand with ‘Don’t Recall’

maxresdefaultAfter slaying the ears, minds and hearts of everyone worldwide, the impressive co-ed group, KARD, return with their second pre-debut project in the form of ‘Don’t Recall’, and the follow up does not disappoint.

What’s felt like the longest wait since ‘Oh Na Na’ became a hit 2 months ago, KARD continues their playful hip-hop, electronica style with a song that contains many layers of synth instrumentals, a steady flow of drum percussion and haunting background vocal harmonies.

J-Seph and BM lead the rapper line and utilises their macho style of rap reminiscent of TOP and GD from Big Bang which plays into an interesting contrast against the power vocals of Somin and the effortless almost Rihanna-like swag of Jiwoo.

With a back and forth conversation style between the male and female members, the lyrics detail a bad break-up full of animosity, while the girls’ “don’t recall” any moments of happiness during the relationship; the boys’ are pleading for them back.

The way the track manages to seamlessly shift from it’s eerie R’n’B start to a loud EDM chorus shows the talents of the producer, especially when it comes to the bridge, which sends the song into a spiraling culmination of the male and female vocals and an wilder version of the strong backing track.

The music video consists purely of intense visuals from all four members, we see BM and J-Seph dressed to impress in blue and red suits while playing chess. Meanwhile, if looks could kill we’d all be dead if Jiwoo and Somin glared our way, as the pair are giving us femme fatales vibes throughout. A complaint of the ‘Oh Na Na’ MV was that there were far too many darkened scenes and quick cuts, which seems to have been rectified here with bursts of colours and a clear focus of our idols.

Overall, the hype for this group is very real (and deserved) and bravo to DSP and the members for another gripping pre-debut song for KARD, it only creates more excitement for their eventual debut soon. If your bias list wasn’t wrecked already, then it will be after you watch this.


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