BLACKPINK debut with a Boombayah!

BLACKPINK debut with a Boombayah!

[MV] BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH[(005532)08-16-04]In what seems like the longest hype train in K-Pop, the YG rookie group finally made their debut with two new songs. Here is the first.

With several teasers leading up to this reveal, nobody knew what to expect but I’m happy to announce that Black Pink have indeed slayed expectations (and the charts) with this bombastic premiere.

Heavily inspired by Middle Eastern  music as well as Western EDM, Boombayah is  a memorable hit with an addictive bass and in-your-face vocals. No girl group debut has been this explosive and energetic since 2NE1’s Fire, they definitely share a similar flavour in terms of style and presence whilst also managing to be entirely fresh.

Jennie and Lisa maintain a vibrant rap flow during the hip-hop portions of the track, while Jisoo and Rose turn up the volume with their dynamic vocals for the elevated pre-chorus before they all come together for the instrumental hook, which features a contrasting use of school girl aegyo as they shout “OPPA!”.

The music video is typical for YG, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a debut song its safe to showcase the new members and the pulsating choreography – that gives us plenty of hairography and possibly the best move of all time;the Rose slide.



BLACKPINK already has faced criticism from netizen’s, and wrongfully so. This group is an exciting breath of fresh air and highly skilled in all things rap, dance and vocal ability, this is just the beginning.

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