The Wonder Girls ask Why So Lonely? In their summer comeback

The Wonder Girls ask Why So Lonely? In their summer comeback

WonderGirlsWhySoLonelySummer seems to be the season of the Wonder Girls, since their rebooted return to the K-Pop stage last year with the 80’s throwback track, I Feel You, this latest effort takes a different turn with a reggae twist.

Still sticking with the band concept (and rightly so), Why So Lonely feels like a breath of fresh air and separates itself from anything in the industry right now and what’s even better, the four members each contributed to the writing and production of the record.

Sunmi introduces the song and the quirky interpretation of the verses, which are perhaps the stand out parts of the track and fit so well with the Jamaican vibe that it’s going for. Lim’s soft and whispy voice haunts the pre-chorus in a perfect way that leads to Yenny’s strong vocals when it comes to the main hook you’ll want to hear again and again.

Just when you think the song is getting too comfortable Yubin steals the show with an impressive rap that encompasses her bad-ass flow and unique tone.

Just like “I Feel You”, the video is filled to the brim with exceptional aesthetics and vintage visuals. Heavy pastel colours and some fabulous 70’s fashion choices surround a story about four women who realise they’ve been dating the same sleezebag and decide to exact brutal, gory revenge.

Together, the Wonder Girls manage to deliver a quality chilled out track that is already slaying the charts and it’s no wonder why. Quality, substance and style are three words to sum up the style of the retro Queen’s comeback.


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