Brave Girls are back! And they’re wearing High Heels

Brave Girls are back! And they’re wearing High Heels

brave-girls-high-heels-3rd-mini-albumThe rebooted Brave Girls, who recently made a comeback earlier this year with the amazing “Deepened”, have returned to bring some fun to the summer season.

Having made their debut in 2011, this girl group went on hiatus in 2013 and during that time, label founder Brave Brothers made some creative changes; with three members leaving and five new members joining the pack. While a revamp like this could damage other established groups, Brave Girls are better than ever.

“High Heels” is everything you want from a summer song in the sense that it’s pure FUN. It’s a huge contrast from the soulful r’n’b track that Deepened was and therefore it shows their versatility as a group.

With a catchy dance that is K-Pop’s own version of the bend and snap from Legally Blonde, Brave Girls are having fun with both the song and the dancing, making the whole three minutes of it completely infectious.

The video reveals their sexy-cute concept that is perhaps a step-down from the unique bad girl intensity that they had in their post-hiatus comeback but it is one that they adapt to with ease and comfort.

With some great visuals, each of the seven members are shown working in a different occupation and having so much fun dancing around in their red heels:

  •  Yuna is a nurse (or a patient, she seems to be both)
  • Minyeong is a ballet dancer
  • Hyeran is a baseball player
  • Yujeong is an office worker
  • Eunji is a scantily clad mechanic (who is joined by a hilarous dancing man in a suit and heels; by far the music video MVP)
  • Yujin is a gardener
  • Hayun is a children’s party entertainer

An easy, breezy flow of vocals in the verses blends effortlessly into a a strong and catchy chorus – which gives every member their time to shine and provides a catchy summer song you won’t forget from the repetitive mention of high, high heels to the Brave Girls proudly exclaiming how they are a “sassy girl, tough girl, pretty girl and a foxy girl”




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