Review: BTS – Fire

Review: BTS – Fire

bts-fire-kpop-9This boy group has rose to fame in an unusually quick time compared to most, perhaps due to their DGAF attitude and mischievous energy, which is emphasized even more for their latest hit “Fire”.

The song defies traditional EDM standards of a long, drawn out build up to an explosive chorus by having its main hook be the first thing that we hear. It doesn’t disappoint. The simple exclamation of the word “fire” manages to cause a stir and instantly makes me want to go out and party.

With the vocals sounding more like a hype conversation between teenage boys rather than the clean-cut sensual stylings of most K-idols, it surprisingly works and adds extra flavour to the verses; perhaps even making them better than the chorus.

The video is as quirky, crazy and full of as much energy as you’d expect. From crazy scenes of Suga literally setting a random hooded guy on fire using the power of his mixtape to Jin having his shirt ironed…while he’s wearing it and well, a whole lot of fire.

But that’s what’s so entertaining, BTS continue to just have infectious fun and speaking of which, don’t even get me started on the high octane choreography that features a lot of jumping around, just make sure you have a lot of space around you if you try to tackle it (ouch).

It certainly does everything it sets out to do and of course it’s an instant hit but overall there’s not all that much to distinguish it from the vast amount of other EDM dance songs out there if it wasn’t for the personality they bring to the table that shines through.

BTS Fire


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