Review: NCT U – The 7th Sense

Review: NCT U – The 7th Sense


S.M. Entertainment has debuted the next generation of the K-Pop boyband, in the form of the very ambitious group “NCT” which will have around 40 members divided into several international sub-units. But how does their debut group NCT U fair in their first track? Hit the jump to find out.

This group (Neo Culturue Technology) is following in the footsteps of the rebooted SM music scene, which last year saw two of their prized groups f(x) and SHINee transition into the chilled out EDM and dance genre with the incredible “4 Walls” and “View” that went on to become huge hits for the company and the acts themselves. Let’s call it a more mature SM and NCT U’s 7th Sense will also propel the company to new heights… and respect.

As soon as the track debuted on Youtube, the sound of thousands of teenage girls’ screams could be heard across the globe.

This relaxed K-hip-hop anthem deserves all the praise its get as the single flawlessly transitions between its verses and chorus’ to highlight every members talents in rap and vocals. Taeyong starts things off with his deep and gravel-like voice that heavily contrasts against the smooth backdrop of the bass and creates a pulsating lead in for the sheer nct-ueuphoria that follows.

Ten is the second of the rappers and while his verse is the only time we hear him shine, he slows things down with a memorable whispering monologue as though he’s speaking directly into our ears. It’s no wonder he’s quickly becoming a universal bias to fans everywhere.

The vocal line features Doyoung and Jaehyun, who are a perfect match alongside the rappers as their voices feel like musical silk and certainly do suit the R’n’B style that the act is going for. This pair provides a sultry balance of ad-libs and high notes that keeps focus throughout the entire song.

Canadian born Mark is a standout with his rap, a moment in the track that truly makes him a force to be reckoned with despite only being 16 years old. His voice echoes a street-style Western edge that flows naturally between the Korean lyrics and the brief sting of English slang in the words “and that’s a long ass ride”.

Now onto the music video:

Valuing style over narrative, their first music video is one that features impressive visuals utilising a number of different colours, backdrops and styles which are suited to each member – who are confined to boxes when it’s their turn to sing/rap.

  • Taeyong channels Jack Frost with his white hair, kept in a box¬† surrounded by neon white lights. Presenting a hardened, cold aura to go along with his icy stare.
  • Ten provides a contrast with his section, as his “box” contains tropical plants.
  • Doyoung sings to reflections of himself
  • Jaehyun is drenched in neon pastel lights
  • While Mark raps inside a grime-looking tiled room

The music video focuses on their exceptional synchronised dance abilities which demands complete recognition. (more of which can be seen in their performance MV here)




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